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  anal sex is the highest-risk sexual behavior for hiv transmission. Vaginal sex has a lower risk, and activities like oral sex, touching, and kissing carry little to no risk for getting or transmitting hiv. The vast majority of men who get hiv get it through anal sex. The hiv-negative insertive partner can use condoms, pep or prep to reduce the risk of hiv infection through anal sex. Condoms are a barrier that can prevent the penis from coming into contact with hiv in the rectum, 18,19 while pep and prep can reduce the risk of infection if an exposure to hiv occurs. Having anal sex can increase the risk of bacterial infection, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections, and it can worsen hemorrhoids. Hiv is spread through specific body fluids blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum), vaginal and rectal fluid, and breast milk. Can you get aids or hiv by having anal sex or vaginal sex with someone who does not have aids or hiv? Such as if semen was to make contact with blood in the body near the anus area.   aids is not a self creating disease, simply having anal sex is not going to give someone the disease. Source(s) if youre that concerned about it, head over to wikipedia or webmd. Hiv can be transmitted through semen, vaginal secretions, blood, and anal secretions. When a person doesnt use a condom during sex, its easier for semen, vaginal fluids, blood, and anal. Asked in hiv and aids how does one get aids? Through anal sex or through sexual intercouse with anybody. Kissing risk hiv can, however, be passed on through kissing if both partners are actively bleeding in the mouth (as from open sores or cuts), there is a risk of infection with hiv, said the san francisco aids foundation. In fact, anal sex is the riskiest type of sex for getting or transmitting hiv. Hiv can be found in certain body fluidsblood, semen (cum), pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum), or rectal fluidsof a person who has hiv. Although receptive anal sex (bottoming) is much riskier for getting hiv than insertive anal sex (topping), its possible for either partnerthe top or the bottomto get hiv.

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