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This limerick wouldnt provide much insight into the origin of beaver as a term foras j. Its no surprise, then, that so many slang words for vagina have bubbled to the surface of popular culture to replace the technically correct terminology. Below is a comprehensive list of slang words for vagina, including the demure (e. Private parts), the animal-centric (beaver), the culinary (pink taco), the twee (hoo-ha), the curious (vertical smile), and so many more.   because guys are dorks and cant remember the word vagina and if they could they would be embarrassed to use it. Upon seeing it they go so dumb founded that they cant remember nothing so they say the first thing that comes to mind. Beaver is better than sideways sloppy joe, bisquit, cooter cleavage, and your snapper. Every single slang word for penis you need to know is cataloged in penis slang, slang, slang words for penis. Pussy, beaver, moo-moo, lady garden the english language has many euphemisms for the word vagina, most of them frankly a bit ridiculous. Wolf argues in vagina that by calling this part of our bodies. Writers refer to it, the monosyllable, middle english cunte female genitalia, by early 14c. (in hendyngs proverbs -- eve i cunte to cunning, and crave affetir wedding), akin to old norse kunta, old frisian, middle dutch, and middle low german kunte, from proto-germanic kunton, which is of uncertain origin.   (britain, ireland, australia, new zealand, south africa, vulgar) the female genitalia. From 1830s her dress was so short you could nearly see her fanny. (canada, us, informal) the buttocks arguably the most nearly polite of several euphemisms. From 1910s children, sit down on your fannies, and eat your lunch. Kitty puncher or pussy puncher with both kitty and pussy referring to a womans vagina and puncher a variation on various derogatory. Implying effeminacy tommy, a slang term for a homosexual woman in use by 1781, may have been coined by analogy. Antiquity definition is - ancient times especially those before the middle ages.

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